Top 6 Tricks For Your Special Day!

Top 6 Tricks For Your Special Day!

1. Opt for timeless and vintage looks

Designs and styles appear and disappear, fashion does to, hence stay away from the latest street fashion and additionally, make up trends for your marriage.

Prefer to choose an ageless and traditional style, making sure that when you glimpse back at your reception photos in a few years time, you still look wonderful. If you want to rent wedding party equipment, please visit the website

2. Please don’t hang your wedding dress up

If you happen to leave your wedding outfit hanging up for an extended period of time, the mass of the wedding dress may cause the material to extend, causing the hem to lower. Your dress can then be too long on the day and also look flat.

3. Don’t feel obliged

You shouldn’t think that you need to take your entire family and thus retinue together with you, to find that dream wedding outfit. Too many people might cause extra and unnecessary worry. As an alternative, bring one you feel happy with so you can make a clear headed choice. Remember, it is your day and no one else’s.

4. Choose comfortable Shoes

When buying those shoes, comfort may be easily forgotten. However, you have to bear in mind that you’ll need to party and walk around in those three and a half inch heels for quite long. Cursing and wincing from painful feet is not a attractive look for ones photos.

Evaluate the shoes well ahead of time by wearing them for a few hours on a daily basis to make sure they won’t hurt you, this may also allow you to prevent sores at the time.

Also, it is a good idea to take with you an additional pair of more comfortable shoes to wear during the wedding celebration in case.

5. Drink loads of water

On the morning you get prepared, have a descent breakfast and don’t forget to get plenty of fluids. It is also best if you have somebody responsible for making sure you will get lots of it because you may be so busy you probably won’t remember. Use a straw to drink so you don’t wreck your make up.

6. Your Photos

You shouldn’t be hesitant to request your photographer to snap more pictures if you feel they have not photographed enough, just remember that you are spending money on them for a service, so you can be particular on what you desire.

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