Tips to Overcome Plant Pesticide Safely and Effectively

Planting activities around the house is fun. When the crop harvest time has arrived, it certainly becomes extraordinary excitement. However, often the results are not as desired due to the attack of some pests and diseases. How to overcome it and what can be done? Here are some easy steps to eradicate pests and plant diseases.

1. Overcome Manually

This method is usually done when pests and diseases are still relatively low. This method is practical because it is easy and fast to do. Especially if you plant in a home yard that is generally not too big. Overcoming pests attacks, such as white lice, aphids can be done manually by taking directly the pests that attack using tweezers or other tools. Another way, by breaking the plant parts that are attacked by pests or diseases and throw it away from the yard. However, if you cannot overcome it, you can use professional services by contacting Swat pest control brisbane at telephone number 07-3901 0420.

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2. Use Traps

Traps are an alternative to overcoming pest attacks without having to use chemical pesticides. Several pitfalls can be used as follows.

• Insect Glue

This trap works by luring insects alighting or swarming around contrasting or brightly colored traps that have been lubricated with glue so they stick to the trap.

•         Mousetrap

When rats attack, not only makes the planting area become damaged and messy, but also this pest quickly breeds if left unchecked. There are various types of mouse traps that can be bought freely in supermarkets. Therefore, make sure you understand how to use it and know the right type of trap to use. Also, when buying a mousetrap, make sure there are no damaged parts and there are no gaps for runaway mice.

3. Use Plant Antidotes

Insects can be killed without having to be sprayed. There are many types of plants that can be used as natural antidotes to plant pests. To function more effectively, plant the “pest repellent” around the home page. Plants that can be used to ward off pests, such as mint, garlic, and tagetes (marigolds). Generally, the aroma emitted by this type of plant is not liked by insect pests.

4. Use Natural Pesticides

Natural pesticides generally do not kill pests but attack systemically. For example, reducing the appetite of pests or damaging the development of larvae and eggs. Natural pesticides are usually easy to make because they contain raw materials that are easily found in the home kitchen, such as red chili and garlic.