Tips for Renting a Boat to Sailing Phi Phi Island and Surrounding Areas

Tips for Renting a Boat to Sailing Phi Phi Island and Surrounding Areas

One of the things that have to prepare when you go to visit Phi Phi Island is a matter of renting a boat for sailing. Here are some things and tips about boat rental on Phi Phi Island

1. Order the boat well in advance

Boats can be ordered in advance before leaving there. Avoid ordering directly because it is feared not to get a boat due to crowded visitors. When we visited there, we booked a boat on a sourcing yacht, this sourcing yacht is a very reliable Luxury Yacht Hire Thailand. The boat owner once told me that a month before we visited, many tourists were finally forced to queue and did not get a boat because it was fully booked.

Of course, it’s a pity to have traveled to Thailand but canceled visiting Phi Phi Island, because I didn’t get a boat. Indeed, at certain seasons visitors burst. Not only from within the country but also from abroad. In fact, according to my observations when visiting there precisely during a stay in Phi Phi harbor and its surroundings more foreign tourists than local tourists.

2. Ordering the Boat / Boat Far Away

If you order a boat in advance, of course, look for as many contact lists as possible. Those you will have a variety of choices and alternative prices and backups.

3. Where Can I Find Ships / Boats for Rent?

If you order a boat directly, you can find the boat at Phi Phi Port. The Port of Phi Phi is approximately 15-20 minutes from the Airport, Port of Phi Phi by car.

Here you can find many boats leaning. Most of the boats are intended for sailing Phi Phi Island and surrounding areas.

4. Boat Model

There are various types of boat models, of course, that can be rented.

Ranging from large too, small. The expensive to the cheap. Those who use AC to those without AC. And various other models. When negotiating, make sure you ask about the model and condition of the ship so that you will not be disappointed with the boat that you get. Because usually for sailing Phi Phi Island and surrounding areas it takes at least 2 days 1 night. It could be your go-to Phi Phi Island 1-day round trip, but it will be very rushed and not enjoying the trip.

Also, there are many beautiful islands and various destinations. Of course, it’s a shame to miss it.

5. Go rollicking

Boat rental rates for sailing Phi Phi Island and surrounding areas may be relatively expensive if you go alone. Therefore, one strategy to reduce the cost of sailing trips to Phi Phi Island in particular and trips to Phuket, in general, is to go rollicking with your friends. Thus costs can be shared.

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