Afraid of choosing the wrong hotel, instead it will make your stay less comfortable? Or maybe you are adjusting the inn with the budget you have during the holidays later?
Instead of choosing the wrong and afraid of draining costs, better find out first, buddy tickets, the types of hotels that exist. That way, you can adjust it also to the needs and budget that has been prepared.


The Resort hotels are hotels that are located far from the city and are intended for people who want to vacation, various hotel resorts based on their location and location, Mountain hotels located in mountain areas, jungle hotels located in forest areas, there are also beach hotels located in beachfront like Novotel Phuket Resort. You can visit the website at if in the near future you want to take a vacation to the beach in the Phuket area.

The villa

The next types of hotels are villas. For this one, of course you are very familiar right? Especially for you who often vacation with family to tourist locations.
Villa is an inn in the form of a house and is private. So, you can rent this inn without having to share with others. With facilities similar to a house, staying in a villa does feel like home.
Typically, you will get facilities in the form of bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, tv rooms, terraces, balconies, gardens, to private pools. It is indeed the right accommodation if you are on vacation with a large family, or with friends in large numbers.

Boutique Hotel

It has a similar name, but that does not mean this Boutique Hotel has a boutique or fashion exhibition in it. But this hotel carries an exclusive concept like a boutique in general.
Where this hotel only has a limited number of rooms, unlike hotels in general. With an interior design that is made modern and elegant, and different themes in each room.


You might hear the term Motel often, or you see it in Hollywood films. Motel or which stands for Motor Hotel is an inn that is usually found on the edge of the city border road or two regions. These lodgings are intended for motorists who want to rest.
Thus, making the rooms in this Motel directly connected to the parking lot. Maybe you can find a type of hotel like this Motel near the motorway.

Bed & Breakfast

Besides Motels and Boutique Hotels, Bed & Breakfasts also might not be too familiar to you. This Bed & Breakfast is a type of overnight lodging that also provides breakfast for its guests.
This type of hotel is very common in some countries, and usually the owner of this inn is the one who will serve you directly. With an affordable price, making this type of hotel favored by backpackers.



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