The Best Halloween Costume to Wear
Every month of the year in the calendar is unique in its own way. Do you remember October for anything special? December has Christmas and Snowfall and October too, has its event. The event in October is more than five centuries old. Halloween is the festival in question. Every year during the last day of October, the Halloween festival takes place.
The festival is mainly for the Western Christians and the Non-Christians. Hallows or saints and the beloved-dead are remembered during this festival. People engage in various activities in the festivals such as the lighting of bonfires, visiting of places believed to be haunted, church services, fasting and costume parties. In this article we will focus specifically on Halloween costumes.
Have you at any one time wondered why people put on costumes during Halloween festivals? Well, people believed that the spirits of the dead come out during this day to haunt those that would have offended them in their lifetime. To disguise themselves and evade any punishment by the spirits, people wore costumes as a disguise. People wear costumes on themselves and also use them to decorate the venue of the celebrations.
The next question in your mind may be what the best costume for the festival is. The costume selected should provide anonymity to its wearer. Traditionally, commonly known characters were used but recently things have been changing. Some costumes that fit perfectly into the theme of Halloween have been discussed below.
Used on a large scale are the costumes made in the likeness of biblical characters and Saints. These costumes will in most of the cases not be frightening. However characters like the devil may be used. These are to complement the saintly costumes as no good would exist without bad.
We also have more fictional characters like vampires, ghosts, witches and skeletons. Non-christinas are the ones associated most with these kinds of costumes. They give Halloween that scary and serious feeling. The dead are really felt through these costumes. Movie Superheroes are also being used quite a lot during the festivals. It is not rare to spot an adult or a child wearing a costume of their most favorite movie character. These costumes makes one feel victorious over evil.
Halloween, however, is not only to be associated with scary costumes. Couples can use the festivals to bring laughter and joy to their relations. Sexy wears are one thing couples do. Ranging from beautiful princesses to angels, the costumes come in all imaginable versions. To show their curvaceous bodies, women can also put on revealing costumes. On the other hand, men may have tightly fitting costumes to show how well built their bodies are.

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