Finding the Right Auto Insurance

While a lot people understand whether they have collision and comprehensive coverage or liability, only a few are paying attention to their policy until after they have been in a severe accident. In this article, we will take a closer look at car insurance plan and provide tips that can help people get the most out of their money.

Basic types of insurance plan

Protecting your valuable assets, as well as your health, are considered as two of the significant benefits of having a car insurance policy. The following types of car policies are available in the market today.


This type of plan pays for death-related and third-party personal trauma claims. Not only that, but they also cover for any damage to other people’s property that happens as a result of your accident. Liability policy is also required in almost all states in the country.


This coverage will pay for repairs to the automobile after an auto accident. It is required if holders make their vehicle as collateral for a loan because the vehicle is not really theirs in paper – in this case, the car belongs to the bank. The bank wants to avoid repossessing a wrecked or damaged vehicle in case they cannot pay their loan.

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It is a plan that pays for any damage suffered as a result of vandalism, water, fire, or theft. If you paid in cash for the vehicle or paid off the auto loan, holders might not need comprehensive, or collision coverage, mainly if the book value of the car is less than $5,000.

Additional auto plans

Aside from the coverages mentioned above, there are other optional plans, that includes:

Limited or full tort – People can minimize their insurance bill by a couple of dollars if they give up the right to sue in case of an accident. But giving up these rights is usually not the smartest financial move.

Medical payments or personal trauma protection – A personal trauma protection can pay the cost of the medical bill for the passenger and the policyholder. Of you have an excellent health policy, it may not be necessary.

Underinsured or Uninsured motorist plans – This option will provide for property and medical damage plan if you are in an automobile accident with an underinsured or uninsured motorist.

Towing – This type of insurance policy pays for the automobile’s towing if it can’t be driven after an auto accident. If the holder is a member of a car service, or if their auto comes with a roadside assistance that was provided by the vehicle manufacturer, this policy is not necessary.

Breakage – Some agencies don’t cover glass broken under their comprehensive or collision policies. All in all, this policy is not worth when it comes to long-term cost.

Rental – This option will cover the cost of rental cars, but these types of autos are so cheap that it might not be worth spending money for the coverage.

Gap – If there is something wrong or you destroyed your $50,000 Sports Utility Vehicle five to ten minutes after you drive it off the car dealership, the amount auto insurance companies pay will most likely leave you with no car and a huge bill. The same thing will apply if your new vehicle gets stolen or vandalized.

A gap policy will pay the balance between the book value of the car and the amount that is still owed on the vehicle. If you are leasing an automobile or bought a vehicle with no or low-down payment, the gap insurance policy is an excellent idea.

Tips to lower your automobile insurance

Compare rates for different vehicles – If someone is looking for a new car, they need to call their insurance company to compare premiums for the specific automobile. Costs differ because of its safety record, the likelihood of theft and repair costs, as well as the actual price of the automobile.

Avoid gaps in your coverage

If people want to switch policies, they need to make sure that they are completely covered, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. If they let their policy lapse by forgetting to make the premium payment, there is a big chance that their rate will increase.

Claim your discounts

If a vehicle has extra safety or anti-theft features like anti-lock brakes, most insurance firms will give holders discounts on their premiums. There is also a big chance that people will be eligible for discounts if they are a student driver or take a defensive class.