Culture and metropolis. The capital of Thailand is the center of both.

Metropolis and authentic at the same time. These two things became the biggest attraction in Bangkok. Delicious cuisine, the latest fashions, cultural stage performances for locals. Just say it. This Thai capital has everything.

Not much different from other countries. Bangkok is also known for the friendliness of its residents. Sawada Kab for men or Sawaddi Kha for women. That’s friendly citizens when smiling and pressing both palms on the chest.

Somehow. Their friendly smile is contagious. Setting foot in Bangkok feels like home. One more thing that makes Bangkok a favorite tourist city. Cheap! From lodging, there are many cheap accommodations in Bangkok, one of which is the ibis styles bangkok ratchada, in addition to the hotel there are also snacks to quality fashion collections, all of which are sold at friendly prices.

It turns out that not only friendly citizens like friends themselves. Price tag too. No …