The use of Vinyl Sticker is also widely used by people, like in this thread there are examples of some cars that are wrapping with vinyl stickers that are completely wrapped and some are just a few details. Of course there are also people who like and some don’t like using this vinyl sticker, let’s look at some examples of cars with Vinyl wrapping / stickers. What according to you?

From VW cars to Audi and Lamborghini to Aston Martin everything can be transformed with full vinyl wrap from car vinyl wrap brisbane. And can even use the vinyl sticker as we want from full mirror chrome and even a gold color design to some graphic images as we want them to be applied to our car.

We have also seen a lot on the streets, in car contests that are encrusted with a variety of color patterns and patterns of images and attractive graphic designs.

The advantages of using vinyl wrapping / stickers include:

  • Cheaper than painting
  • Protect the color of car paint that is behind it
  • Many choices of colors and various graphic designs
  • Digital printing can be applied

The disadvantages of vinyl wrapping / sticker include:

  •     Usually last up to 3 to 6 years depending on the quality of the material
  •     Easy to peel or gape
  •     Should be washed by hand, the power spray washer might damage the vinyl

Like everything else, of course there are pros and cons with the use of the Vinyl sticker, it depends on our taste and budget to make our car look beautiful and beautiful. Sometimes there are people who think it’s a shame if we put a sticker on our car and just waste money, or it’s better to just repaint it. Now what do you think about it? Feel free to give opinions!



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