Maldives has a variety of islands which offer many tourist attractions that will surely make you confused to choose.

Maldives is a place that has the most spectacular views in the world. Just like most of the resorts there. Staying on the water, enjoying the sunset will make your mind calm. Here, you can stay at Raffles Luxury Villas Maldives.

Because of the large selection of tourist attractions in the Maldives that you can visit, here are 6 of the most famous and popular tourist attractions in the Maldives.

1. Banana Rift

If you are looking for a beautiful and unforgettable dive site, you must visit Banana Rift. The underwater beauty is suitable for you to do fun Scuba activities.

Banana Rift is an underwater manger around the islands of North Male Atoll. This spot is a diving location that you must visit. You can enjoy the beautiful colorful clusters of sand and dunes decorated with seaweed fields.

2. Gan Island

Gan Island offers a beautiful and charming place. This destination was a former British air force military base. Nowadays, Gan is an attractive tourist destination.

In addition to beautiful beach views, Gan offers an interesting seafood culinary location that you must try. This island is also quieter compared to other tourist locations. Here, you can comfortably walk around enjoying the island.

3. Veligandu Island

Vilegandu Island is one of the beautiful islands at the western end of North Ari Atoll. Vilegandu is a great choice for those of you who are looking for a quiet honeymoon. Here, you can find the calm waves of the sea, the beauty of the lagoon, and of course the beautiful sunset views with a beautiful yellowish-red tinge.

Vilegandu offers a romantic atmosphere for you and your partner. This place is a charming, quiet and beautiful honeymoon location that will make it hard for you to forget your honeymoon memories.

4. Feydhoo

Feydhoo is a Maldive residential area located near the island of Gan. When the British army entered Gan, the residents here were evacuated to Feydhoo, a place located on the island of Sheenu Atoll.

Now Feydhoo is the right destination for those of you who are happy with the cultural life of the local community. You can feel the life together with the community and enjoy the culinary delights from the surrounding.

5. Maradhoo

Maradhoo is a beach close to Feydhoo on Sheenu Atoll island. Maradhoo is a finger-shaped peninsula that crosses the Indian Ocean. It has underwater biodiversity which is interesting to explore. Along the beach, the seashore is decorated with shady palm trees that make this beach atmosphere serene.

This area is suitable for a leisurely walk, you can also enjoy coffee and food sold by locals along the beach. Maradhoo is still quiet and is rarely visited by tourists.

6. Hulhumale Island

Hulhumale is one of the islands located across the island of Male. The island is developing and continues to develop into a large urban area. This island is the location of Velana Airport, which is the main entrance to Maldive.

If you miss a city atmosphere, you can take a walk around this area. Visiting shopping and entertainment centers as your alternative tourism destination here.



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