6 Types of Motorbike Based on its Functions and Needs

Motorbike has a variety of types, shapes, sizes, and standard uses. For those of you automotive enthusiasts, maybe already know about several types of a motorbike, but, not a few that have no clue about it, especially for those who just about to purchase a motorbike. Before buying a Honda motorbike there are several things you should consider.

Do you know the different types of motorbikes such as sportbike, cruiser, or scooter? It doesn’t matter if you don’t know yet. The following is a review of the 6 most common types of motorbike on the market today.

1. Sportbike

Sportbike is a type of motor that is focused on producing good performance, high speed, sharp cornering, and good braking. This type of motor is usually very powerful and has a lightweight, but usually, it does not comfortable.

2. Standard / Naked-bike

Nowadays, many standard type motorbikes are also referred to as naked-bikes. It offers almost the same performance as a sports bike, but with a better riding position and versatile functions. This type of motorbike has a large market segment in the automotive world.

3. Dual-sport

It can be on an asphalt road and a mud field, therefore this motorbike is called a dual-sport type. This motorbike is equally good if it is used across the highway or on rural roads.

4. Cruiser

This type of motor has a slightly bent driving position with more advanced footrests and a straight forward hand position. Almost all cruisers have a low, long and manly appearance. Cruiser motors usually produce big power and are easy to drive.

5. Touring

Although any type of motorbike can be used for touring, automotive manufacturers have developed specific types of motors that are designed for this purpose. The touring motorbike is made for long-distance travel, equipped with weather protection, waterproof luggage, and other advantages such as lightweight steering, stereo, and comfortable pillion.

6. Retro

Some people like modern motorbikes, some like retro-style motorbikes. No need to buy a secondhand motorbike, there are many modern motorbike nowadays that carry retro or classic styles.