Maldives is an attractive honeymoon destination for young couples. The natural scenery and beaches in Maldives are indeed fun and suitable to be a honeymoon destination with your partner. There are many choices of tourist attractions in Maldives. There also many 5 star resort maldives with beautiful sea views such as Fairmont Maldives. There are 5 romantic attractions that we recommend for you to visit during your honeymoon in Maldives:

Sand Bank

Sand bank is a dune surrounded by water. This place can be your destination for a romantic picnic. You can have a picnic and relax with your partner while having lunch together on the sand that appears in the middle of the sea.

Snorkeling at Banana and Turtle Reef

A romantic place that you can visit with your partner is Banana and Turtle Reef. Besides enjoying the panoramic view of the sea, you can try snorkeling to enjoy the underwater beauty at the same time. There are many fish, large turtles, and beautiful corals that you can find.

Sightseeing on Male Island

The next romantic tourist destination you can visit is Mele Island. Mele Island is the capital of the Maldive country. Here, Mele Island, you and your partner can spend time walking in the local market and find a variety of interesting souvenirs. Besides the local market, there are also interesting destinations such as the Sultan’s Garden, Male Friday Mosque, Tsunami Monument, and other cool landmarks.

Romantic Dinner by the Beach

To close the activity during the day, dinner with a partner on the beach becomes an exciting plan. There are various hotels and tour packages in Maldives that offer romantic candlelight dinners with couples. You will spend a romantic evening with your partner. The candlelight and the waves will be a memorable experience.

Reef HP and Manta Points

The HP Reef and Manta Points tourist attractions are protected areas since the coral formation here is stunning. The area is also filled with colorful fish, sea animals, and even manta rays that surround a huge coral. Although it is protected, this place is still open to the public with strict guarding.



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