3 different types of electric scooters. How to choose the right model for you?

A lot of different types of electric scooters can make some problems for someone who plans to buy the first model. And as their popularity is growing every year – many models available in stores have really different specifications. What to choose from this plethora of options? We present you 3 types of electric scooter for adults which can be considered as the basis of choice. Which one will suit you best?

Demanding terrain? Bet on the off-road e-scooter!

We’ll not beat around the bush – the roads we’re going to choose are not always asphalted and undemanding. Especially if we live on the outskirts of the city. In such cases, the off-road electric scooter model will be irreplaceable. As the name suggests, off-road e-scooters are designed to be ridden on rough or bumpy surfaces. If your goal is to ride on the rugged terrain, then an off-road e-scooter is perfect for you.

These types of electric scooters are made to face the variety of terrains and are built to withstand the roughest of tracks. Therefore, they’re equipped with powerful motors, safety features, solid builds and – what’s important – long range capacity – all that to let you avoid unpleasant surprises in the middle of nowhere.

When handiness counts – choose a lightweight model

If you mainly move within the city – and to get from point A to point B, you also need public transport – a light electric scooter will be the best choice for you.

These types of electric scooter for adults are made not only of extremely light materials, but also very often you can easily fold them so that they don’t take up much space on a bus or train. If you value practicality – choosing this model can be very beneficial for you.

No special requirements? Choose a classic e-scooter!

You don’t care about the exceptional durability of the electric scooter, or its lightness? In every online store with electric scooters you’ll find a wide variety of classical types of electric scooters.

Please note, however, that each model may differ from several specifications – e.g. range, maximum speed and capacity. It’s always worth considering in advance – what exactly do we need.