Why does the office have to have a computer network?

A computer network is a connection between two or more devices, which are connected physically or logically so that they can exchange information. Computer networks can be said to be connected if the devices in the network can exchange data / information and share the resources they have. Benefits of Computer Networks There are several reasons why we need to build a computer network. This consideration is also the benefit of a computer network.

Resource Sharing

With a computer network, resource sharing can be done without distance. Resource sharing includes:

Data Sharing

With a computer network we can easily share data such as documents, images, videos, converged voice, SIP, Converged Networks etc. with colleagues in different locations or offices.

Hardware Sharing

If there was once a computer, one printer, with a computer network, one printer can be used by several computers at once. Not only printers, we can share storage and many other hardware.

Internet Access Sharing

A small computer network allows several computers to share one internet connection. Specialized devices, such as routers, have the ability to easily allocate passwords to user computers that need them.

Connectivity and Communication

Individuals in a building or workgroup can be connected to a LAN network. Multiple LANs with remote locations connected to the WAN network. When the network is formed and connected, communication between users can occur, for example by using email technology.

Data Security and Management

In the business world, networks make it easy for administrators to better manage important company data. Instead of this important data on every employee’s computer device that can be done haphazardly, it will be safer and easier when the data is stored centrally using a Shared Server. In this way, company employees find it easier to find data. Administrators can also ensure that data is backed up regularly, and it is possible to implement security by determining who can read or write important data.

Performance Enhancement and Balancing

Under certain conditions, a network can be used to improve the performance of several applications by distributing computing tasks on multiple computers on the network. What are you waiting for? after knowing the benefits of making your business more efficient and effective I recommend visiting CCNA.

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