Top Tips for Creating a Modern Curriculum Vitae

To land your dream job, start by writing a resume that reflects your qualities and values. In this, opt for a modern and elegant document. The goal is to stand out without overdoing it. Give the recruiter the desire to meet you for an interview job so that you can have the opportunity to prove to them that you are the best candidate. Here are our tips!

Download a Curriculum Vitae Template

Whether you have graphic designer skills or not, you can make a beautiful modern CV thanks to the internet. Indeed, it is possible to download a curriculum vitae template on a CV generator site. This kind of platform allows you to create a quality and up-to-date CV for free, quickly and easily. In addition, the result is just top. This is one of the many benefits the internet offers job seekers. So, don’t hesitate! This will give you more time to refine the content of the resume with relevant and convincing information.

How to Structure a Modern CV?

The key to a successful CV is none other than its structure! As a matter of fact, a well-structured curriculum vitae quickly conveys as much information as possible about the candidate. Moreover, it reflects an image of professionalism and organization. We therefore advise you to follow the current trends in CV structure:

  • Add a personal statement, a short section which is also called a personal profile. The aim is to include a catchphrase at the beginning of your CV where you briefly describe yourself. This is an appetizer of your journey, invite the reader to learn more about you! Therefore, you need to showcase your strengths and your distinctive characteristics.
  • Emphasize your hard and soft skills as much as you can. Give them a strategic place on the document. Skills have the advantage of saying a lot with few words. Your skills must also resonate in your professional career, you must be able to justify them.
  • Structure your resume using well-defined columns, either by colour or by adding divider links. Since you are using a CV creator, choose a CV template that meets this criterion. The current trend prefers resumes with 2 columns, with skills on the left side.
  • Insert icons or pictograms to make a modern curriculum vitae. They come to lighten the blocks of text and make the whole document clearly more aesthetic and readable. Icons on a resume are visually impactful.