Tips for Cheap Calls Abroad from Smart phone

Have family, friends or business partners who live abroad? If he is, maybe in a few moments you will need to call him either just to just ask for news or because there are important things that deserve to be delivered immediately.

There is no need to fear and worry about expensive costs just to make international calls from your mobile phone, because currently all cellular operators in Indonesia have generally provided solutions for each customer for cheap calls abroad through International Direct Dialing (IDD) services.

To be able to call abroad cheaply through this IDD voice call facility, you only need to start the number you want to contact with the code prepared by a number of Indonesian.

How to use the code

The example below is done to make calls to cellular numbers 065123456xx, and to landlines / offices 01234xx in Malaysia using Telkomsel.

Type: SLI Code + Country Code + Destination Number

Example: 01017 60 65123456xx

Call home / office numbers:

Type: SLI Code + Country Code + Area Code + Destination Number

Example: 01017 60 3 01234xx


  • If the cellular number to be contacted is 06512345xxx, then the number 0 in front of it must be removed.
  • For calls to Malaysian home / office telephones, the area is exemplified in Kuala lumpur.

o Malaysian country code: +60 (‘+’ character omitted)

o Kuala Lumpur area code: 03 (number 0 in front is omitted)

  • The IDD code is not valid for calls to Indonesian cellular operator numbers that are below the country or in other words Roaming.

Additional Tips for Country Codes and Area Codes

If you want to call abroad, but don’t know the code of a country or its area code, maybe you can find the clarity by accessing the site: