The Gift with Purchase Program Is Excellent In Raising Sales

How many times you thought that you don’t need some product, but when you got into the store the next time it had a sticker with a gift on it and you bought it? That’s basically the gift with purchase program.

To work, this program needs to be analyzed thoroughly. A smart campaign is needed. Thinking about details and aligning all the needs and objectives is highly important. In this article, we’ll talk about how to make the best gift with purchase program and how this will help with your sales.

Target properly

It’s important to know your target group. Selling baby gear doesn’t always mean you need a gift that will be made for children. Parents buy the items, so you can make them feel like they are buying something for the child and for them too.

The catch is in the psychology of people. Everyone loves free stuff. It doesn’t have to be something expensive, but it must be something that will make the customer click and realize that aside from getting a great product, they are getting a free item just for them.

Make sure it’s branded

A lot of alcohol beverages are being sold with a free gift – a glass. The mind of the ordinary human is made to feel good when it thinks someone cares for them. A simple bottle of whiskey and a glass with the same name on it will make the person feel good. Just by knowing that the company selling it provided everything you need for that enjoyment.

The best part of this deal is that you promote your brand further. Everyone’s online today, everyone’s taking selfies of themselves and when you sell a branded glass for whiskey people take pictures with it and tag your company on social networks. No one takes pictures with the whole bottle, so this is a marketing trick made perfect.

Make a thorough research

Before you make a gift and let it go in the public, you need to make a research. What people want, what will make people happy etc. So many factors are important here. You may find an idea very interesting, but the marketing team did some research and they think this is not going to work. Don’t insist on your idea, look at the charts and the facts. Here are some charts here if you want to take a look at the marketing section.

Maybe you’re a parent and you raise a child, but if the marketing team says that some product can go with a certain gift, you need to listen to them even though you’re not understanding how people can love things they love. For example, giving away an extra helmet with every child bike seat is a great idea.

Make sure you plan everything ahead

A lot of times things like out of stock are happening. You created a perfect campaign and it was so good that people rushed in the stores to pick up everything there is. Soon, there were no more gifts. Plan this ahead and always have enough.

There’s nothing worst for your brand than lying to your customers. The image of the company is very hard to build but it goes to waste in a matter of seconds. See why the image of the company is everything, here:

Also, estimate how long it will last. For example, writing clearly that the promotion will last until the supply is gone is a great way to make people think that having second thought might be the reason for not getting the product and receiving the gift.

However, it’s fair to let people know when this happens. It’s not a good marketing idea to let people go to the store and receive those words from the retail person – we’re out of stock, the promotion ended. Well, why didn’t you wrote that on your web page? I drove for 100 miles to get to your store!


Everyone loves gifts. It’s the best way to motivate people to buy some of your stuff. A lot of people hesitate to buy your product because of the price or the unknown brand, or whatever. Giving them a free item will make them feel they’ve got two products for the same amount. That’s why this program is amazing.