Choosing a Nurse Case Manager

As workers go about their day to day activities, accidents may happen which were not expected. Employers have to put in place compensations that may cater for such situations should they occur. It would be in the best interest for the employee to understand what rights they are entitled to during the process of seeking compensation. In case you are wondering who is a nurse case manager and what they do, first of all they are registered nurses. As the term goes , a nurse case manager , is a registered nurse who plays crucial roles in the process of compensation of an injured worker.

If the patient has no objection or upon their request the nurse case manager can attend the hospital appointments and talk about the treatment to both the doctor and the patient about the treatment. Among the duties of a nurse case manager is to help the client get good medical care that is going to restore their health and also it should be from a good hospital.

The nurse case manager should also act as a liaison between all the parties involved in the compensation process, there may be an insurance company representative if the client was insured, the employer and any other party. Nurse case manager are also responsible for providing information concerning the doctors visit to an insurance adjuster who comes to play in the case of compensation cases.

The following are among ways through which a nurse case manager impact is felt, for the doctor , a case manager enables a smooth and accurate communication between the patient and the former. For the patient , first the case manager has a role to validate the information that the patient or the worker has provided they also check to ensure that the treatment process is effective and also identify any kind of problems with the treatment if there are any. If the treatment is not appropriate ,a nurse case manager should raise alarm and take the necessary action to ensure that proper care is being offered.

It should be noted that a nurse case manager works independently from the insurance companies and that they are not in any way presenting the same fronts. However, as much as the nurse case manager is independent they provide information to the insurance company concerning the client but they should not work against the worker during the settlement. A nurse case manager however provides the insurance company with information regarding the situation and the treatment of the worker but they should not go against the worker during the settlements.

Earlier we mentioned that the injured victim who is the worker has some rights too and this include being notified about the communication that is to happen between the employer , insurance company and the nurse case manager. The victim also should be allowed to be present with their attorney if they are present. Being the primary party in the meeting , the workers need to be informed on what the communication is all about before it happens.

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