The Harmful Effects of Radon and Ways to Get Rid of It.
The Environmental Protection Agency in the US provides a yearly estimate of the total number of lung cancer deaths due to radon and by far, it has reached to about 21,000 yearly deaths. The number of death by radon gas is even greater than those that died due to drunk driving or due to to fire breakouts as reported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention which are National Safety Council Reports and National center for Injury and Prevention Control Reports in the years 2005 and 2006. As these reports became alarming, everyone became cautious with the government alerting every family to keep their homes and environment safe by testing the presence of radon in their area and eliminate once detected.
So many are unaware of the presence and effects of radon gas. This has no color thus invisible to the nake eye but when this gas is inhaled everyday, it will slowly and silently kill us. It is also odorless and tasteless. Underneath soil and rocks is a mineral called Uranium, in which forms the radon when broken down. The possibility of acquiring radon is through drinking as it can go along with water, and breathing as gas. Smokers with a home that has high radon gas level have greater risk in getting lung cancer quick.
The time to inspect your home for presence of radon gas is right today. To check for the existence of radon, you can try a variety of ways to do it. For a cheaper method, check out a radon test kit on find out how to use it. A more accurate way of identifying or testing the existence of radon gas is by having the property inspected by a certified professional, especially when the property or house built on it is new.
There should be an immediate action done once results show that radon concentration in your home is high as it will definitely cause health issues to your family. From the rocks and soil, radon will then be distributed to the atmosphere combining with carbon dioxide, oxygen and nitrogen which is initially less harmful.However, if radon is trapped in a house and gets a lot more concentrated, it will cause a very harmful effect to the body. What we can do is install a vent pipe that will create a sub-slab depressurization and keep away the radon gas. This is a method that will push out the radon and does not include stopping it from getting in.
There were also studies conducted of high levels of radon from properties that have granite. Wherever the home may be, it is highly advisable to have the property examined or inspected by a professional. It is a priority for us to keep our homes healthy and safely secured from dangerous concentrated gas such as radon.

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