A Guide to Anabolic Steroids

Whenever we talk about body building or any topic related to the sport, ‘steroids’ or anabolic steroids are at the end of each sentence. In terms of effects if has on the user’s body, it’s actually similar to the effects of testosterone; users can achieve larger muscles at shorter period of time. Steroids are man-made, they don’t come from any natural elements. It’s true that there are a couple of health complications that were mainly caused by steroid overdose, but that can happen with just about any kind of drug overdose.

Some Side Effects

There are a few common side effects of steroid abuse like acne, heart disease, smaller testicles, liver disease, new hair growth are just some to name a few. Steroids are awfully similar to testosterone, as we mentioned, thus it also mimics the effects of giving of enhanced male attributes like a more aggressive behaviour.
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Once a person fully grasps the unwanted side effects of anabolic steroids, they condemn the substance and permanently stay away, even though the effects are mainly caused by abuse. In truth, just to be safe, they are not all that recommended especially for those who have weak determination. The reason for this is that steroids have addictive properties when used in the wrong way; steroid abuse can result in the dependence of a person to the product and that is in no way good.
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Medical Uses of Steroids

Just because a drug or substances gives off great benefits but may cause a side effect or two, doesn’t meant that the product is despicable and should not be used. There are many reasons as to why this product is still being produced even though people are well aware of all its effects may it be good or bad; a lot of the need comes from medical reasons.

Helps a Person’s Appetite

Steroids are generally provided to those who fail to eat food due to digestive problems or other health issues; steroids prompt the person to eat. The steroids that a person takes makes their body feel the need to consume food, thus helps with recovery in a way. Aside from an increased appetite, there is also noticeable muscle increase, cancer patients and those suffering from AIDS are given moderate and regular doses of steroids.

Steroids for Bone Marrow

People who have hypo-plastic anaemia are give steroids to the bone marrow in order to stimulate it; the simple stimulation is needed by the bone marrow in order to properly produce substances required by the body in its fight, today other substances are preferred to be used.



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