Six things you need to do on the first day of work

Getting a job is not easy. There are various stages that you have to do, starting from sending a job application, interview process, written test, and many more.

If you have been hired, the first day of work is something that must be prepared. To be successful through the first day of work, consider the following tips:

Prepare your work clothes

making work clothes is something you should do on the first day of work. Appearance is the first thing seen by coworkers. You can buy new clothes or order clothes at Patrick & Co Bangkok Tailor.

Learn Jobdesc and Company

Before coming to work, there’s nothing wrong if you read cursorily again, your job desk. Besides, you also need to know more information about the new office such as: what products or services they launch, who their competitors are, and others. This will make you feel comfortable to know what you have to do when you start working.

Come Early

The first day at work is the beginning of the impression you have at work. If you are late on the first day of work, your boss and other colleagues will think negatively about you. Come 10 to 15 minutes earlier than the regular hours of entry. Be sure to study the route of departure to the office to anticipate traffic jams and other things that make you late.

Avoid being Pretentious

On the first day of work, your common knowledge of office conditions is undoubtedly less than your colleagues who have already entered. Listen more than talk in the early days of work. If you’ve talked at length before you understand the conditions and problems of the company, you can be considered knowledgeable. Even if you are the type of person, who likes to talk a lot and can’t wait to come out with brilliant ideas, try to hold it a little on this first day.

Tighten Communication with Colleagues

Invited to hang out together at lunch or after work? You should follow it. An invitation is an opportunity to establish excellent communication with your new coworker

Hold emotions

If you see annoying things, you better hold back emotions first. It is still too early to judge someone on the first day of work. Work as best you can; then you can decide whether you are still suitable or not in the job.

Those are some tips that you can apply to prepare for the first workday. By giving an excellent impression to coworkers, your work will feel smoother in the future.