Shoulder Pain Handling Tricks

Everybody in this world must have experienced shoulder pain. There are several things we need to know about this disease. Shoulder pain is a condition that limits movement activities, such as when combing, wearing clothes, writing and so on. Therefore we should not underestimate it. The shoulder consists of joints that have the greatest range of movement of all joints in the body. It consists of the humerus, shoulder blade, and clavicle.

Joint also has many muscles, tendons, and ligaments that hold the joints together. On the shoulder, there is another called the acromioclavicular joint. Due to the greater movements, the shoulder is easily injured, which is why shoulder pain is a very common complaint. If your shoulder has a disability in the form of pain, then immediately consult with Rouse Hill Physio.

What are the causes of shoulder pain?

Shoulder pain that happened to you can be caused by many things, starting from damage to muscle structure by injury factors, cell degeneration factors, or can also be caused by systemic disease.

The following explains the causes of shoulder pain, among others:

1. Fatigue due to repetitive motion

In our daily activities, a lot of muscle tissue use is stably and repeatedly which results in excessive use of muscles, tendons, ligaments, or neural tissues that result in the onset of motion pain in the shoulder area.

2. Trauma

An accident caused excessive support in the joints of the arms resulting in damage to the structure of the tissue. As a result, such as bone in the form of cracks or tears in muscle tissue that have an impact on the onset of inflammation or bleeding in the tissue and ultimately cause unbearable joint motion pain.

3. Systemic Disease

This condition is related to other disorders in the body’s metabolic processes, it can occur due to allergies or the sensitivity of the body to certain elements/substances, certain bacteria, or a condition of the body that triggers complications.