A cardboard box, especially the corrugated variant, is the most preferred packaging material. This box is made using arched paper in an advanced computer design setting. The high-tech construction used ensures the box carries a wide variety of goods and protect them against moisture and mechanical damage. This post will dig a little bit deeper and discuss each of the reasons why you should use a packaging box made using a cardboard.
Enhanced Protection
A corrugated cardboard provides a perfect cushion for any item stored in it. The box keeps items safe from mechanical damage during long distance transportation, shipping and handling. It also keeps moisture away and ensures other environmental factors do not affect the quality of products stored. This is important for food products that are packed for long distance transportation. The sizes and thickness of the box differ with the amount of protection needed. Fragile materials require thick and large boxes when compared to rigid materials.
Easier Customization
The size and the thickness of the cardboard box depends on the degree of protection needed. This means one can easily adjust it to fit his products. Not to mention, the boxes can have different coatings, adhesives and treatments. They can even be treated with chemicals to become more resistant to fire. The printing options are also very customizable.
The raw materials used to make a cardboard box are inexpensive. The procedure followed to manufacture the boxes as well as the additives used are also cheap. This makes the box highly affordable when compared to other packaging materials.
Better Printing and Graphics Capabilities
Cardboard boxes, especially those that are a corrugated, have better printing and graphic capabilities. As a result, companies use them as marketing tools for brand promotion and awareness. They now print their names, logo and other details on the boxes.
A box made out of a cardboard is completely recyclable. It can be used over and over for other needs. This makes them eco-friendly.
Choosing the Right Cardboard Box
You can only enjoy the benefits discussed above if you choose the right cardboard box. One important factor you need to consider is the type of products you want to pack. Consider how much space they will take and whether they are fragile or not. This way, you can choose a box with the right thickness and size.
Apart from the type products you want to pack, you need to consider how much each product will be exposed to unfavorable conditions like moisture, rough terrains and wind. Make sure you ask whether the box you want to buy can guarantee protection against mechanical damage, moisture and other environmental conditions.
Parting Shot
Choosing a high-quality packaging material will determine whether your products will reach their destination safely or not. We recommend choosing a cardboard box for all your packaging needs. This box provides ample mechanical protection and moisture damage. It also provides a smooth surface for printing and is easier to customize.



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