Peek Panorama of Da Nang City From Ba Na Hills

Vacation to Ba Na Hills is a choice for you to enjoy the natural scenery of Vietnam from the eyes of birds on the clouds, this place can be called a fairytale that offers the beauty of colorful flowers to the lush green trees. The attraction of the French Village Danang, located in Ba Na Hills, has become one of the favorite destinations for French invaders since 1919 and when Vietnam became independent until now this region also still has a place in the hearts of tourists. Want to know more about Ba Na Hills? You can listen to the reviews we provide as follows.

What is Ba Na Hills

Ba Na Hills is a resort but this building is uniquely resembling a small village, Ba Na’s attraction is also found at temperatures below 20 degrees Celsius which makes this place a tourist escape from the heat of the sun. At the same time, the French colony also built resorts for recreation purposes for French tourists in particular. But you do not need to climb to get to the resort because this tourist area is located at the foot of the mountain so it can be reached by easier land routes.

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How to get to Ba Na Hills

Many ways to visit Ba Na Hills, as well as the way to Ba Na Hills Vietnam, you can use various transportation services such as renting a private car or by tourist bus.

Come 15 minutes before the departure time which has a scheduled departure at 07.00

What things can be done

1. Enjoy the view of Danang from the cable car

The Ba Na Cable Car opened 6 years ago which holds the world record as the longest single-single cable car with a range of 5,801 meters. Riding this cable car you can travel to Ba Na Hills only about 5 kilometers from the previous 20 kilometers. Enjoy the view of Danang for 45 minutes from a height that makes your eyes hypnotized, your heart beats faster at the same time. Do not let you miss the new attraction of the newly opened Golden Bridge which draws the attention of local and foreign tourists.

2. Visiting Fantasy Park?

Ba Na Hills stores an entertainment in the form of an indoor playground that can be enjoyed by all tourists, not limited to gender and age. You are free to choose any vehicle to board without worrying about additional costs because everything in Fantasy Park is free to try as you like. For children, safe rides are provided that can allow them to have fun like other adult visitors.

3. Taste typical culinary from various countries

If you visit the Ba Na Hills tourist attraction you don’t need to worry about starving because there are a variety of culinary snacks ranging from cafes, bars, and fancy restaurants. You are not only spoiled by traditional Vietnamese culinary offerings but also can feel the taste of Asian and Western cuisine. If you want to be more efficient, you can buy food that is sold around attractions such as street food that is no less tasty and filling.

4. Surround a small village with a typical French theme

Ba Na Hills is a classic village from the French colony but unfortunately, the beautiful village was damaged during World War II. But there is a remaining building that becomes a wine cellar, besides that the tourist area is also rebuilt with European-style buildings ranging from churches to transportation facilities such as antique cars and other supporting interiors. If you come at a certain time you can watch the carnival held by residents, so take your holiday fortune to Bana Hills now.

5. Snap your best pose in the flower garden

Ba Na Hills also has a stretch of flower garden that attracts the attention of many tourists, this place is very supportive for those of you Instagramable. If you want to visit Ba Na Hills, you must visit Le Jardin D’Amour, one of the famous love parks that gives you a romantic experience with your partner.