The Advantages of Using Building Information Modeling in AEC

With 3D modeling increasingly gaining traction in the architecture, engineering, and construction industry, many players continue to appreciate the significance of utilizing BIM technologies in the implementation of their projects. BIM technologies may be complex, but AEC providers have the option of enlisting experts for help with these, and that’s why you may want to hire an Autodesk consultant. You’ll benefit a lot in using BIM, for example:

To begin with, BIM facilitates reality capture. Today, the best possible execution of an AEC project depends on different real data on a project site that can be captured via mapping and earth imaging tools. Bird’s eye view pictures, digital elevations, as well as infrastructure laser scans are part of the reality info that can facilitate the reorganization of project preparations. BIM helps designers integrate such captured reality into a model for collaboration with various teams in way that’s hard to implement on paper.

Since BIM allows the sharing of a model, this eliminates redundancy of designs. This implies that there won’t be the requirement for different teams participating in different stages of the same project to rework or reproduce the same drawings. A model carries more data than a drawing set provides for, enabling every AEC discipline to include and tie their own intelligence to the general project.
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Regarding the need to share and collaborate, BIM is better than other methods because it can support a lot of tasks that are only possible through computerized workflows. With BIM software, there are tools which various disciplines participating in an AEC project can harness for the sharing and coordination with other team members. There’ll be markup and review measures meant to ascertain that every team has participated in the evolution of the concept, and everyone is on standby to implement once the concept is done and moved forward for execution.
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Using BIM, you can simulate and envision various elements of a construction long before execution has started. For instance, you can do quantitative evaluations, simulate sunlight during various seasons of the year, or work out the energy efficiency of a structure with the help of BIM. Engineers, architects, and other project team members are able to tap into the intelligence of this tool to follow rules that are based on science and the AEC industry’s best practices. The software is capable of so much more than just assessment and design to achieve optimal performance, combining rules and knowledge into a utility that can be triggered with the click of a button.

A company in the AEC industry misses competitive leverage when it does not apply BIM tools. An Autodesk consulting company can help utilize BIM software for optimal AEC project execution.



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