Mistakes to Avoid in SEO

Website redesign is no mean feat; it takes months of designing, copywriting, planning and image selection. It’s not cheap, but if an owner decides to revamp their site, it’s important to ensure that customers can find the finished product. That’s why SEO is a crucial part of the redesign equation. Before launching a redesigned website, be sure to avoid these common SEO errors.

Omitting Alt Text

Viewers love images because they’re attention getting. They can hold a visitor’s interest and add meaning to a blog post or webpage. However, search engine spiders don’t see images exactly how viewers do. Therefore, it’s important to ensure that every image has alt text to make it easier for the search engines to understand, classify and rank.

Anchor Text

“Buy Now” and “Click Here” are great calls to action, but not for links. Anchor text is a critical part of today’s SEO practices, and site owners should take advantage of it by using descriptive keywords rather than generic hyperlinking phrases.

Insufficient Copy

While it’s not necessary to write a novel, it’s wise to include enough copy to get the message through to the audience and the search engines. Instead of creating numerous pages with scant copy, focus on a few and add more information.

Image Size

Another commonly overlooked error is to improperly size images. Larger files will decrease load speeds, diminish the user experience and adversely affect organic search rankings. Be sure to compress images enough so they don’t slow the site down, but not enough so they are of poor quality.


Finally, it’s important to include unique meta descriptions and page titles on every page of a site. Page titles can significantly help a site’s search rankings, and meta descriptions can appear in the SERPs and help encourage viewers to click through to a webpage.

There are countless SEO tips out there, but it’s equally important to consider what to avoid when optimizing a website. While some of the errors on this list are more serious than others are, all can have serious effects on a site’s rankings. By consulting a San Rafael SEO company and avoiding the errors listed here, a site owner can naturally increase his or her standings in the search engines.