Looking Trendy and Fashionable with Eyeglasses

Research shows that eyeglasses can make you look more intellectual than those who do not wear ones. However, you would want to look fashionable and modern as you are wearing ones. So here are some tips on how to make it happen.

Choose the ones with simple and minimalist design

We recommend you to select the minimalist and straightforward eyeglasses. This does not mean that the bold and richly adorned ones are not preferable. Glasses with simple and minimalist designs are suggested to be more durable. Plain eyeglasses, with simple frame design, would fit you for years to come.

Consider the comfortable frame material

Other than the shape and design, you might also want to take into account the material of the eyeglasses. Does your skin have excessive oil or sweat production? Or do you have the sensitive type of skin that gets irritated quickly when in contact with metal.

If you sweat quite often, it is advisable to choose plastic or wood eyeglasses frames. These materials do not fade quickly over time. These two materials are also perfect for people with susceptible skin. Try to avoid the ones made of metal because some of the eyeglasses frames on the market are coated with anti-rust materials such as palladium or other nickel-free materials.

Adding beautiful and attractive eye makeup

Your beautiful eye makeup can still come out stunning even when you wear eyeglasses. Instead, you can be more creative in finding your eye makeup look that fits to make your eyes look more attractive.

Now, to make your eyes more lively, try applying mascara, and then curl your eyelashes with an eyelashes curler. The effect of medication from large lenses usually makes your eyes look tired and sleepy. So it is very recommended to wear thin eyeliner to make your eyes look more attractive.

You can also add glasses strap to make it more trendy

Do you know that eyeglasses strap is one of the accessories that can make eyeglasses presented more fashionable and have a playful, stylish look? The strap comes in various styles and designs of chains, poms, and many more.

You can add a strap if you want to look more cheerful. When you want to take off your glasses, you can hang them just like necklaces.

Cleanse your eyeglasses regularly with a lens cleaning cloth

Clean glasses free from stains or scratches is one of the factors that affect your overall eyeglasses appearance. To always be confident with your eyeglasses, try to cleanse your glasses regularly; 1-2 weeks in eyeglasses shop. Also, if you feel like the lenses are not suitable, you can new eyeglasses lens at Optopia.