Introduction of Types of ATM Machines and Their Handling

The banking world continues to improve transaction convenience services for customers by increasing the number of units and location of their ATM machines. That became an opportunity for Tecdis as a leading ATM installation agent. Starting from the experience that I got in the field and wanted to share knowledge so that more and more people know at this time I will introduce several types of atm machines that are mostly used by bank customers to withdraw money

The following types of engine brands in question:


this machine in my opinion is a reliable machine in terms of performance and process speed. how this machine works is by using a compressor to withdraw money from the cassette

when there are customers transacting, the machine will withdraw alternately each cassette so that the money sheet will run out simultaneously in addition to the compressor, this machine also uses a rubber belt to deliver the money taken by the compressor to the customer who takes

As for the handlers, this machine must be given lubricants so that the wheels made of atomic plastic are durable, and picks to suck money must also be replaced every 2 months, the most difficult problem is if the belt is broken or loose, the position of money will not be straight / Serong cause the money will be torn, the price of parts for this machine is slightly affected because the damage of each part can be replaced, meaning that many small parts are having problems, while large parts are mostly durable for banks that have many customers, this machine is highly recommended, because this machine want to be invited to work hard because it is worth the price

2. wincor

This machine is made in Germany before China imitates, for now in Asia this machine is mostly supplied from China, the advantages of this machine can be removed and can be assembled because the parts are large, more or less there are 5 big parts below that can be assembled machine price range is not far in the head of NCR it is only slightly cheaper, the advantages of this machine are all components are safe, can be invited to work hard too, have large wheel wheels and have sensors that can be detected damage, from the customer’s side this machine is pretty okay. the process is fast and the engine lasts, only if this machine is exposed to dust only a little, it must be cleaned immediately because the money out area must be sterile, while the lack of this machine on the side of the spare parts is because the spare parts are large and expensive. so if one of the spare parts is damaged, yes, ready to spend a little deeper than the NCR engine, this machine requires money that is protected from dust because this machine is anti-dust. For banks if they have many customers, I recommend to serve customers.

3. Hyosung

This machine made in Korea in terms of easy maintenance, because it only looks at the sensor, there are all sensors, a light engine compared to the friend above, the price of this machine is around 40 per user, the user is easy to understand, the parts are small so it is easy to maintain, only in terms of tapes, these machine tapes are very sensitive to the touch of many who complain about these machine tapes quickly damaged, because these tapes also have sensors that are small and easily damaged this material is not heavy, in certain parts the material is made of ordinary plastic so that this machine is light suitable to be placed in the center of the crowd because it looks elegant and modern if the machine is placed in a remote area, it will be difficult to maintain