If You Don't Plan Your Funeral Nobody Will

Life as we know it will end one day. Whether it is when we are 80 or 25, it will one day come to an end. People die on a daily basis and most of the time, their loved ones are left to struggle and wallow in poverty and lack after they are gone.

Not just that, time and again, families and loved ones have had to completely clear out their savings, dipped into the children’s college funds, borrowed money, begged for financial assistance, foreclosed on their homes, cashed in insurance packages just to give the deceased a decent burial even if it is a low cost like funeral companies Sydney.

While some families and loved ones believe it was totally worth it going all out, others have resented the fact that they had to spend all they had on their loved ones’ burial particularly when the deceased could have done something about it before he passed on. While it may be okay to saddle your loved ones with the responsibility of taking care of your funeral when you die, do you think it is truly worth it to make them pass through all that?

Don’t you think having a funeral plan drawn up will help save them the stress of doing so? And more importantly, don’t you think you would be able to plan your funeral whether it is low cost or a lavish funeral to your own taste? What can you do about your funeral now that you are alive?

Pre-Plan Your Funeral

The first thing you can do is plan your funeral before you die. Granted, no one likes to think that someday, they will leave all this behind. But if you really love your family and friends, you will do them a favor and relieve them of the burden of planning the funeral by pre-planning your funeral. So, how do you pre-plan your funeral? Here are a few tips:

1. Consult with a Funeral Director

The first port of call should be a funeral director. You should talk to them about the fact that you want to pre-plan your funeral and see what they have to say. If you already have an idea of your own, talk to them about it and see what they have to say. The key thing to look for in a good funeral director is his ability to listen to you and offer suggestions if possible; not impose his own on you. Granted that funeral directors have a lot of experience with arranging funerals and burials, thus making it seem like they have heard it all, but if the funeral director truly listens to you, is open to your ideas, offers a few suggestions to help enhance the plan, you should seriously work with him.

2. Find Out How Much the Funeral Will Cost

Whether you intend to have a low cost funeral or an expensive one, it is important for you to know the costs involved. Ask for the price list and any other extras that you feel are necessary. This will help give you a rough idea of how much your funeral will cost when the time comes.

3. Discounts and Rebates

Most times, funeral directors will offer rebates and discounts on funeral items like flower arrangements, memorial service, casket, use of their facilities, gravestone, cemetery plot and so on,. This is because they know you’re not in such a hurry and that you have the advantage of working with someone else if their prices prove too costly.