How To Properly Use A Hair Drug Test Detoxification Shampoo?

How To Properly Use A Hair Drug Test Detoxification Shampoo?

The market holds a ton of products named detox shampoo. It seems like it’s some sort of a marketing trick – naming your shampoo a detox one. We say this because narcotics are definitely toxins when they are inside our body. No matter in which form and where they are, they are considered toxins.

However, very few of them can actually put up a fight with these toxins. Most of them are sold as beauty products. They nurture the hair, that’s for sure, but they are not capable of flushing exactly all toxins. That’s why it’s important to know what you’re looking for and for what reason you’re about to use them.

When it comes to the drug test that most of us have to face at work or before getting a new job, we have to do everything in our power to come out negative. If we don’t, we face losing our job or being listed as unwanted before we even get a job. You don’t want this to happen, do you? Learn more about the follicle test here.

That’s why choosing and knowing how to use a great detox shampoo is a must. 

How to choose the best shampoo?

As we said, there are lots of solutions that you don’t need. You’ll spend a lot of money and time and you won’t get anything. What you need is a special drug detox formula that really works. Before getting the real deal, be sure that there are only a few options, or even less. 

Browse the internet and find more reviews about different brands. If there are some with lots of negative comments and reviews, avoid them. The previous clients will tell you if it’s worth it to spend money on certain products. 

One option is definitely the best and we say that because of more reasons. For one, e use it all the time and we can assure you it’s the only option. Second, it’s the reviews from other people who used it, and finally – the price. You think it’s going to be something affordable, but it’s not. Its price is 10 times higher than other products. Still, this is the sure reason why it is the best. We all know that on the market, products that are mostly in demand always have a higher price. 

This product we’re talking about is called Aloe Rid Old Formula detox shampoo. The problem is you can’t just walk down the street and find a place to buy shampoo to pass a hair follicle test. You can only order it through the internet. The good part is, there are lots of places online where you can find it and order.

How to use it?

In order to pass the test, you need to use this shampoo exactly as the instruction manual says. And what it says is that you have to wash with it for at least 10 days and every day for a minimum of 3 times a day. It’s recommended to do it around 2 weeks just to be sure you did everything right. 

During this time, you should make a thorough wash of your hair. Make sure you get deep inside the scalp and massage it so the shampoo’s ingredients can get deep inside the skin. The reason why this is so important is that the roots of the hair are deep inside the skin and they already have the drug particles inside. 

Before they completely come out and see daylight it takes around two weeks. During this time you have to wash your hair daily and several times a day. If you don’t do a proper job, the lab technicians will find drugs inside. You’ll notice that they always cut a sample as close as possible to the shaft. The reason for this is because they know that there is the most probable chance to find something suspicious.

If the reason for using it is the drug test, then you can even do something more complex if you want to surely pass. You can try the Macujo method. This method is a combination of solutions that you need to mix and use in order to provide the best results. 

What you need for it is vinegar that you’re supposed to add first. You need to wet your hair and then massage the scalp with the vinegar. This will make the skin ready for the things coming. Then, you need the pink bottle of the Clean and Clear solution. This is a skincare product, so don’t worry about mixing it with the vinegar. Nothing wrong’s going to happen. 

Leave all this under a plastic cap to sit like that for 30 minutes. After that wash everything thoroughly with the Aloe Rid shampoo. Do it just like you do it every day. This part is important because of the ingredients in it. There’s propylene glycol inside that is able to take down the layers of the follicles. Inside the 12 layers are the narcotic substances that will make a problem to you. See how the hair is made on this link:

In the end, you need to wash again with the Tide detergent. The strong chemical used for machine-wash your clothes is able to really damage your hair, but don’t worry, this is something you’re actually looking for. Damaged means having higher chances to succeed. 


If you want to pass the narcotic examination day you must know which shampoo to use and how to use it properly. We told you about it and now you know how to use it. The most important part of this story is to follow the instructions without skipping any step.

It’s up to you to choose how you want to fight the battle with the test. You can go all in and do the Macujo method, or just spend a lot of time rinsing with the best solution there is. Either way, do it right and thorough.

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