Helpful Tips for Your First Day at Work

Congratulations on getting that job—it is an opportunity so many people want. However, you must realise that your first day at work may be the most memorable and stressful day of your career. You get to meet new people and colleagues, and you do not want to start your relationship on the wrong foot. You are sure to feel pressured because of your intention to impress—the saying “first impression matters” is undoubtedly ideal in this situation.

Many people, on their first day, present a passive front. This might get you off easy, but a day that sets the tone for the rest of your career needs a more active approach. On your first day, you might have no real position-specific responsibilities as you will be shown around the office and updated on how things are run. As pressured as it promises to be, you can have it easy if you are thorough in planning your first day as you did when you wanted to get the job. Check out these tips that will help you reduce your anxiety on your first day at work;

1.  Prepare and ask questions

Although you should spend most of your first day listening, you should ask questions also. These questions present you as really curious and interested—a good trait for your first day. It is best if you researched the company and note down general questions concerning it.

2.  Make sure to prepare a short pitch

It is best to prepare a short elevator pitch of yourself before you resume. The pitch should be short and engaging—it should explain who you are and what you were doing before. It is guaranteed that some of your co-workers will be interested in you, and you do not want to go around embarrassing yourself or saying the wrong things.

3.  Be punctual!

Punctuality, they say, is the soul of business. You do not want to come late on your first day—it presents you as unserious and lackadaisical. Many people have issues with keeping up with time, but it is an attitude that should be curbed, especially for your first day at work. Being punctual is not only to help you present a serious front but also to help you find balance before entering the building. The anxiety you feel will be doubled if you get to work late and have to apologise for that. It is best to get to work 15 minutes early, find your balance, and enjoy your day.

4.  Look your best

Please do not dress to work looking like someone in need of clothes. It is always best to dress and look your best. Ladies should look professional and not slutty, and guys have to look smart and sharp. Your makeup should be simple and light. If you need good cosmetics, it is best to read various cosmetic products’ reviews before patronising anyone. You should also make sure that you are healthy. Try to keep up your regular routine with your meal and sleep. In the days leading up to resuming at your job, you can go for a medical check-up—skincare, dental checks, et cetera. Chemist 4 U, an online pharmacy, might be your best bet if you cannot make it to a hospital.

On your first day, please be yourself. Try to show interest in your colleagues when you meet them. Comment wisely on their dresses and statements. It is best if you do not try too hard; make sure to smile and relax; befriend at least one of your colleagues; listen and observe, and, most importantly, enjoy your day.