Focus More on Learning with Classroom Decorations in the New Semester!

When entering the new school year, all teachers will want to create a different learning atmosphere. Of course, many things can support that success. One way is to decorate classrooms and teaching and learning equipment, you can buy school furniture at the Academy supply. Academy supply provides school furniture supplier with good models so that the learning conditions become focused and effective and make the class interesting to trigger student creativity. Well, for those of you who are currently homeroom teachers, let us consider the following five tips!

Creating a Wall of Inspiration

The teacher can start inviting students to collect and bring used magazines from home. Ask each of them to find inspirational images, such as characters, tourist attractions, or interesting ideas. Each picture is affixed to one large colored Styrofoam. Give a title with the word “Wall of Inspiration” above the students’ pictures. When finished, use sticky notes to explain why each student chose the picture.

Works like this are very useful for drawing attention in one corner of the class. Both the teacher and the student come to know what things are interesting according to everyone. Furthermore, it would not hurt if you make a discussion of one of the pictures on the sidelines of the lesson. Even more interesting, if you can make a joint visit to one of the tourist attractions.

Classroom Wall Paint

Discuss with students about colors that can encourage enthusiasm in class. Can use a plain color, combination, or also graded. Some color references that can be chosen include white, brown, ivory yellow, green, blue, or light purple. Attractive color choices will make students more comfortable when in class. The learning process will be more focused on. Well, it will be even more exciting, if the teacher and students want to paint the class room together right?

Rotation of Tables and Chairs

This is one of the easiest things to do to change class content. Changing the layout of tables and chairs can support learning effectiveness. Because the teacher can monitor students better and more freely around while teaching. There are several references that are suitable to try. First, make it like the letter U so that the class seems to be broader. Another option is in the form of groups, four chairs and four tables put together.

As well as being more intimate, students can also have group study partners. Keep in mind that in the selection of school desks and chairs, you must choose the right school furniture supplier. So, the quality of school desks and chairs which are students’ facilities themselves can be guaranteed quality.

Create a Class Plan

Make plans for the seating positions of students and teachers, also include the position of chalkboards, cabinets or equipment in other classes. Teachers and students can draw it together, you know. Alternatively, you can also create class plans with visual or 3D designs. Use eye-catching colors so they look quite contrasting when displayed on the classroom wall.

Creative Learning Schedule

The schedule for lessons posted on the classroom wall is common. However, the teacher can also add other functions, namely as a reminder for students’ assignments. Make a schedule of lessons and mini-sized envelopes from origami paper. Each envelope is placed just below the daily schedule. When there is an assignment from the teacher, students can put small notepaper in the envelope. So, the teacher and students will both know what assignments must be prepared. So, there are no more students who reason to forget their school work, right?

Well, which tips would you like to choose first? Hopefully, these tips can help to make the classroom atmosphere more effective! Mr./Mrs. teachers can also read about things that must be addressed when teaching in class as a follow-up reference. Good luck!