Five ways to improve e-commerce customer service

Satisfied customer is returning customer. Every store owner knows this. The question is how to make a customer willingly shop again with us? How to create connection between him and our brand? Check 5 easy ways to improve customer service and enter them today!

1. Show what you offer in attractive way

Think about your customer’s needs. Probably they don’t want read half hour about how brilliant is your product. They just need few key information. Change long descriptions in short one and make them intriguing. The same thing is with graphic part of your website. Do you think it’s clear? Are product photos high quality? Is it attractive for you? If the answer of any questions is no, change it as fast as you can.

2. Improve the usability of the store

Don’t distract your customers. Make your website clear, intuitive and according to conventions. Nearly every e-commerce website has shopping basket in the upper right corner. Your page should be the same. If you change the convention, lot of people will get lost. So check the rest rules of making online shop and compare with your website. You see difference? Better for you if you make changes where there will be non-compliance. Your customers will be thankful.

3. Answer as fast as you can

Customers hate waiting. If you don’t give them what they want at the time, they want you lose. Today customers can find a solution available at the same moment as they think about it. They are writing to you on e-mail, Facebook page or Instagram. You have to be fast. How to do this? Just create a chatbot on your Facebook page. It’s easier than you think. Chatbot will be answer on consumers’ question rapidly and accurately, provided you configure it right.

4. Don’t forget about surprises

Everybody likes surprises, also your customers! Give them joy. It’s not expensive but require a little bit of your engagement. Think about it. You can give them product samples or discount for next shopping. Equally you can connect it with created chatbot and organize online fun. You can give them especially code and after enter it in chatbot, customers get advices about using products or other valuable things for them. They will love this, you’ll see.

5. Always inform customers about status of the order

From the moment when customer buys product on the online store, he worrying about it and thinks like of his own. So it’s good to let him know where his product is right now. It’s especially important when something went wrong. It’s definitely easier with chatbot. Customers can set reminders on your website and get Messenger push with any informations.

The described points are good basis for improving the quality of customer service. If you don’t have it start from them and later find more advices about improving customer service. There is still so much to do. I see it everyday when I am surfing in the Internet.

Don’t forget how helpful can be a chatbot creator. It won’t replace a well-done website but with it you can automatize lot of process and finally you’ll be able to stop thinking about unread messages. But remember, it’s not a human and sometimes people will need to talk to you.