Exciting Travel Wedding, Married Plus Honeymoon

Wedding travel has become a popular trend for many couples in Thailand. For couples who have a hobby of traveling, getting married to the concept of a travel wedding is the right choice that can channel a hobby. As the name of a travel wedding, you are married witnessed by a beautiful panorama of tourist attractions. Without the need to move to another place, the bride and groom can go on their honeymoon right after marriage, even on the same day. The concept of travel wedding itself is an intimate wedding event wrapped in the background of favorite tourist locations such as the Phuket beach. Novotel Phuket Resort provides the Wedding Hotel Phuket package which will certainly make your wedding event more memorable.

The advantages of a travel wedding, there is a practical value contained therein. By getting married at a tourist spot, it is certain that the marriage will only be attended by the nuclear family of both parties and closest friends, so that to take care of guests is a bit far easier and more practical. The small number of guests will inevitably be an advantage for brides who don’t need to spend too much budget. And also saving the cost of the honeymoon because you no longer need to pay for travel costs because you are already in a tourist location. But before deciding to marry the concept of a travel wedding, you must prepare things like below.

Hunting Location

You and your partner certainly have a favorite tourist spot that holds lots of memories for both of you. Or you prefer to explore new, more interesting sights. Choose where a memorable place or a new place that is far more beautiful?

For those of you who want to get married domestically, Phuket is the recommended location. In addition to beautiful panoramic offerings, there are so many hotels that can facilitate sightseeing for weddings.

Clothing Selection

Fashion choices must be conditioned with the location of your choice of tourism. if the choice of wedding location falls on the beach, you should choose a simple dress

Polite Ways to Notify Uninvited Friends

The weakness of a travel wedding will indeed disappoint uninvited relatives and friends. But there are still polite ways to give understanding to them to understand how the desires of couples who prefer a travel wedding. According to experience, there are various ways to relieve their disappointment, one of them is still giving an invitation but by giving footnotes not to be attended. Plus you can provide quality souvenirs to treat disappointment.

Entertaining Nucleus Family

Most couples after marriage will usually invite the two families to just eat together. So before the wedding day, the bride and groom had booked the place for long ago. The choice of place can be in a restaurant or cafe that can accommodate the number of guests who want to be invited.