What you’ve been visited to Bali? I believe that, because you are reading this article will want a different look for inspiration in Bali is Balinese food. Previously had a lot of tourist attractions in Bali decipher now I want to invite you on a culinary tour of Bali. Maybe if you want to learn how to make food with recipes maknyos Bali Bali. Carefully read this article causes your stomach rumbling… If you are outside bali you can use services bali indonesia travel
 to enjoy the food below…!!!
Chicken Betutu was Cuisines Bali Many Wanted By The Traveler
What is the uniqueness of the chicken dishes Bali Betutu this? Balinese culinary product that one is very tempting your appetite. The main Betutu made from chicken or duck (duck sebutkannya betutu). According to Wikipedia Indonesia, betutu is a side dish made from whole chickens or ducks that contain herbs and then roasted in the husk fire. Betutu Balinese food is not durable because it uses ingredients that assortment. If you are a culinary tour to Bali You can find these foods in many areas because it is sold in various places in Bali. But if you want to enjoy the culinary delicacies Bali khsusus betutu come wrote to Gilimanuk, so close to the port of Gilimanuk provided plenty of food chicken trader Bali
Enjoyed Sate Lilit Cuisine Bali
Balinese people are already familiar with the food of Bali this one, call it satay. Sate has become the daily food of the Balinese. Additionally, any traditional ceremony is held usually the food is definitely available at the dinner table. If you want to enjoy the culinary lesatnya in Bali can be a stick with a choice of chicken and fish. Because satay is also made from pork. Sate made with a mixture of meat, shredded coconut and spices complete yan. Even better if the satay cooked baked goods. Want to Balinese cooking satay? Let’s play to Bali!
Banana Tree Trunk as food Tradisinal in Bali
Perhaps this strange foods including yourself. But the most delicious food in Bali in my opinion. Name of Balinese food is “jukut ares”. ares Jukut made from banana tree trunks in the young. Processed in a way that produces jukut (vegetable fry) ares with a distinctive aroma and flavor. If I compare the Balinese food is like a soup with various mixtures of meat in it.
This one is a Balinese food and tasty food in Bali is cheap. What is that?
The name of this food is rice Jinggo some call Nasi Jenggo, but whatever it is if you buy food at the roadside and included dishes such as chili sauce, noodles, coconut fried, and chicken meat into small pieces and also partly boiled eggs then that Jinggo rice.



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