Nobody likes being bitten by mosquitoes or insects. Even worse if your baby is the one who gets the bite, causing itching, even inflamed.

Mosquito or insect bites on your baby’s skin can cause itching that is very uncomfortable. No wonder when your baby is bitten by a mosquito or insect, he will look restless to cry loudly. Bite marks can also be marked with a red color with bumps, inflammation, and even wound up due to scratching.

To prevent this, You need a special tool that can protect your baby free from mosquito bites. What is also important, the tool must also be able to maintain the softness of sensitive little skin. Well, both of these can be overcome if you use the Mosquito Patch from

No Chemicals

Mozzigear comes with a solution to help naturally avoid mosquito or insect bites, through its newest product, the Mosquito Patch. Mozzigear developed this product without using toxic chemicals, does not contain DEET, and does not contain petroleum ingredients so it does not cause skin irritation.

Mosquito Patch from Mozzigear is also formulated using natural essential oils that are effective in repelling insects, namely Lavender and Citronella. With a variety of benefits and benefits, Mosquito Patch can be the main choice of products to deal with mosquito or insect bites.

Has the scent of Lavender and Citronella

Mosquito Patch has a natural formulation that is very effective to help reduce itching and reduce insect bite marks.

In addition, this patch also has the scent of Lavender and Citronella which are already known as one of the plants that have a myriad of benefits. One of the benefits is that it is an insect repellent, so it can help keep your baby’s skin from being easily bitten by mosquitoes. With a myriad of benefits from Lavender and Citronella, the Mosquito Patch product is becoming more complete as a product to deal with insect bites.



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