DIY' Pre School at home? Check out the following tips before you try it!

The role of parents in children’s education is crucial. It raises the idea of ​​making ‘DIY’ preschool at home. Are you interested? Check out teaching tips for pre-school-style children at home with the following High / Scope methods:


Early childhood is developing moment for both physical, motor, and emotional side. You can accommodate their curiosity by teaching him creativity. Teach them to start from folding paper. Show and guide him to follow the stages of folding the paper. From here, they will learn to create the most basic thing, which is imitating.


Children under five are experiencing a golden age. Teach him some simple language knowledge. Introduce new and simple vocabulary every day in a fun way. Read him a fairy tale and let the children also imagine your fairy tales or you can also show them the picture books. From these fables, children will learn to recognize new terms.

Initiatives and Social Relations

Even if you make DIY preschool at home, you shouldn’t ignore your child’s need to learn to take the initiative and interact socially. Invite your child to get out of the house and play with peers. Teach them to share small things like sharing food or lending toys.


Help your children grow a healthy body and bones, incorporate movement and exercise into your DIY preschool curriculum. You can take him to a morning exercise by going around the house or taking him to the gym with the rhythm of children’s songs they like.


Besides playing children’s songs, invite your child to make their version of music creations. You can make simple music from tools available at home, such as pans, cups, or buckets. Let the children express their musical desires.


Teach your children about numbers in a fun way. You can ask your child to count sweets before eating them.

Those were just a few tips about things you can teach your children at home. One important thing is to create an exciting and conducive learning environment. You could make your version of “class” by furnishing it with furniture for preschool, you can get them at Gro Corp. Good luck!