Decorating your bedroom – Easy tips

The bedroom is the place where you spend most of your time and it is that place where aesthetic and pleasure should be derived from. In this will article there are some easy tips where you can get the basic ideas to decorate your bedroom.

Keeping it simple

The simple and decent is the basic idea you should definitely keep in your mind while decorating your bedroom. The furniture or the art around should not be funky

Art work

You should have art work which represents your personality, around your bedroom. Art work can be represented on the walls or on the bedsheets.


You should choose a color which is simple and soothing. The color should be simple and well contrasted with the furniture. The color should also be pleasant and grasping. Very bright colors are not preferred, and too dull colors should m=be matched or contrasted with the furniture.


Your bed is the main focus of the bedroom and it should be kept in a way so that there is room for more space and additional furniture. The bed should have a good design and must be comfortable to you. Bed sheets can be of a design or artwork can be done. The artwork on the bed will represent your personality and desires, you can also design bed sheets which have patterns and comic characters.

Pillow cases are very important and should be matched with the bedsheets, a luxurious white silk pillowcase is recommended and pile on the pillows and don’t shy away from mixing patterns. Combine large prints with small one, floral and geometrics.


Utilize the space, do the artwork on walls. You can decorate with the artistic paintings or posters. The Art work should be pleasing not funky and should represent your thinking. The simpler and catch the artwork the more it will aesthetic.


Floorings are also essential part of the bedroom, it can be carpeted or wooden or tiled. But the patterns should be simple, and floor should be cleaned. The white floors are recommended normally in tiles and wooden floor also are recommended but it is costly.


Antique pieces with decent artwork can be there in your bedrooms. The side tables can have a good small portrait pictures and lamps. The size matters, your objects should be kept according to the size of your bed and side tables.


You can set up different colors in lighting and can open it accordingly to situations. The dim lights can also be installed and at the same time the bright LEDs also. So, you can use LEDs when there is need of a bright light. You can use dim lights at the midnights and in mornings. People also use ferry lights, it also adds pleasure and decentness.

The comfort and pleasure should be balance and blended equally so you can have a good and luxurious bed room where you have to spend most of the time.