When a person has the power to affect lives and to help other people out there change the way that they are living, that person wants to use their power in a way that is good and they want to be a positive influence on those who look up to them. When a person has the dream of sharing a specific message with the world, they want to figure out the best way of doing just that. They want to use every avenue that they can in order to affect people around the world. They want to change lives, and they want to do that in the best way possible. Chris Oyakhilome is someone who has the goal of touching people with the faith that he holds on to. He wants to change lives because of the faith that he has. Pastor Chris is someone who is influencing the world, and he is doing that in every way that he can.
Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is someone who has sought out every avenue that he can use in order to touch the lives of those who are out there and without faith. He is someone who wants to see every come to believe as he does, and he will influence people in all nations in every way that he can. Chris Oyakhilome works with Christ Embassy in order to change lives, and he has reached over fifty nations through the work that he has done with that church. He has appeared on television in a number of countries and used his time on television to affect lives. He has set up a television station in the United States with the goal of using that to share Christian content all over the world. He is someone who is eager to share the hope that he has, and he is a pastor and a teacher, an author and a leader.
There was a convention that Pastor Chris pulled together that helped to change the lives of those who were in attendance. This convention was something that was put together to help those with faith to grow the faith that they have. The convention allowed people to see a number of speakers and to learn through them. The Haven Convention 2017 was something that was put together to stir up passion in those who chose to attend. Like the work that Christ Embassy does, this convention was meant to help people grow. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome was the leader of the convention, and he was one of the speakers who was a part of it. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome used the convention to help him in his goal of touching people and helping them be passionate about their faith.



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