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3 Jobs for Teens and Young Adults Made More Professional with Online Invoicing

Even when they’re not working a formal job with a paycheck and taxes automatically deducted on payday, teens who take the initiative to earn their own money with less formal jobs are essentially self-employed entrepreneurs. The more seriously they take their jobs and clients, the more professional they look – and the more professional the experience will seem on college resumes or other job applications. With the right tools, teens and young adults can be better organized, better paid, and more appealing to new clients.


Visit and familiarize yourself with the benefits of relying on an online invoicing tool. Babysitters can track the number of hours they put in to each job each week and organize clients by those who pay the fastest and offer the most frequent work. You can even start accepting payment via credit cards and allow for easy once-a-month or bi-weekly payments to encourage …