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Reasons Why You Should Choose a Cardboard Box

A cardboard box, especially the corrugated variant, is the most preferred packaging material. This box is made using arched paper in an advanced computer design setting. The high-tech construction used ensures the box carries a wide variety of goods and protect them against moisture and mechanical damage. This post will dig a little bit deeper and discuss each of the reasons why you should use a packaging box made using a cardboard.

Enhanced Protection

A corrugated cardboard provides a perfect cushion for any item stored in it. The box keeps items safe from mechanical damage during long distance transportation, shipping and handling. It also keeps moisture away and ensures other environmental factors do not affect the quality of products stored. This is important for food products that are packed for long distance transportation. The sizes and thickness of the box differ with the amount of protection needed. Fragile materials require …

Chris Oyakhilome Stirs Up Passion at Haven Convention 2017

When a person has the power to affect lives and to help other people out there change the way that they are living, that person wants to use their power in a way that is good and they want to be a positive influence on those who look up to them. When a person has the dream of sharing a specific message with the world, they want to figure out the best way of doing just that. They want to use every avenue that they can in order to affect people around the world. They want to change lives, and they want to do that in the best way possible. Chris Oyakhilome is someone who has the goal of touching people with the faith that he holds on to. He wants to change lives because of the faith that he has. Pastor Chris is someone who is influencing the world, …

Understanding Camber, Caster and Toe

On previous occasions, we’ve talked about the meaning and function of wheel alignment. Wheel alignment is also referred to as wheel geometry. In general, wheel alignment, there are several factors, namely camber, steering axis inclination, caster, toe angle and turning radius. The question is what the understanding of each of these factors? Here we describe the meaning or definition of camber, caster, toe angle and turning radius.For more information you can visit furniture casters

Understanding Camber
The front wheel of the vehicle when we look ahead, it will be angled outwards or inwards. This is called the camber. The definition of a tilt wheel camber is the top into or out of the vertical line when viewed from the front of the vehicle. If the tilt outwards also called camber positive, and vice versa if the tilt inwards then also called negative camber.

Understanding Caster
After learning about the