Before Working Overseas See These Important Tips

Interested in building a career abroad? The excitement of being in a new place and also generating a higher income makes working abroad an attractive prospect for many people. Working abroad can also add a lot to your experience and knowledge. It is not easy for us to prepare to work abroad, especially if in the near future you will work abroad, be prepared as early as possible from now on. For more complete preparation, you need a Work Permit letter, now Interactive Associates can help you to make the correct Thai Work Permit application.

Get to know your destination

When you work abroad, you will automatically live with strangers with different backgrounds, learn the culture and habits of the country so that you are not surprised and have difficulty adapting to the habits of your destination country, also to avoid misunderstandings that might occur because of you not knowing the culture and habits there.

If your place of residence and the company where you work will be easily accessible by public transport facilities, you certainly don’t need to worry, but what if it’s far from public facilities? You need to prepare this well, like starting to look at a map or starting to prepare a map application with the help of GPS on your cell phone, because you are better prepared with everything than directly facing unexpected distractions.

Interview Preparation

When you apply for work outside the company, the company that you sent your job application will certainly not directly conduct interviews directly by inviting you to come to the company for interviews, of course also because of the long distances due to different countries. Usually, the first step you have to go through is an interview via video calls, such as Skype and other video call applications. An interview via video call or Skype is actually not much different from a face-to-face interview like you’ve ever been through. It’s just that the interview via video call or Skype will seem more complicated because:

  1. The language used is different
  2. The possibility of internet signal interference
  3. Deeper questions about one’s own experience
  4. Interview time which can take place at night because of the time difference

From the points above, it is very appropriate if you learn the language used by your company or facilitate your English skills, because as you know, English is the language used internationally, so that all questions and chats when interviewed are answered well. Your insight about the destination company can also be used as a chat material in interviews through this video call.

As a job applicant, you must show confidence that can support the abilities that you tell during a job interview, confidence is an important point that will be valued by the company at the interview, so this is an important point in your job interview later.


The last tip for successfully working abroad is to take care of our health. To be able to work comfortably and focus, it needs to be supported by a fit body, health will be one of the important points that will support the process and the results of your work. When you have started working, you have to set your eating patterns and routine habits, you can start to become a member of the gym and maybe light exercise routines such as running, cycling or swimming around your residence.

Thus tips from us may be useful.