Bad Habits That Could Damage Your Hair

Hair is the woman’s crown. No wonder so many women desperately want to have healthy and well-groomed long hair. Long hair can indeed make you look elegant. Unfortunately, it’s not easy to lengthen hair. Many people need a long time to grow their hair. Did you know that there are some habits we often do that block hair from growing long?

Here are some habits that you should avoid!

Using Excessive Hair Styling Products

In everyday life, hair styling tools like hairdryers and hair iron are two commonly used tools. The heat generated from this tool can damage the hair, especially if you do it every day. Hair that is continuously exposed to heat from hair iron and hairdryer eventually becomes dry and difficult to grow.

Keep Forgetting Hair Care Routine

Unlike skincare, we tend to forget hair care. After all, the hair also needs nutrition to keep it healthy and well-maintained. Don’t forget the conditioner after shampooing. You can also use a special hair serum or hair vitamin to restore damaged hair cells. Haircare is essential if you want your hair to grow healthy and long fast.

Using Chemicals for Hair Too Often

Not just hair styling tools, the use of chemicals in hair dye can also be a reason that inhibits the growth of your hair. Well, for those of you who are looking for gents color salon to enhance the beautiful appearance of your hair, you can try Head office Hair Specialist. They are one of the hair salons in Bondi Junction that offers gents colour Bondi.


In one study, stress has a significant influence on hair growth. When you are stressed, your hair will go through a Telogen phase. Although it is only temporary, this phase makes 30{ab3ab9322904d62cb1d91898e7bcd16db9524eed511c9d173a1e2c87c96b9e1c} of hair cells stop growing and cause hair loss.

Rarely exercise and eat less nutritious food

Not only treatment from the inside, maintaining diet and exercise routine also affects the health of your hair! Just like your body, the hair also needs nutrients and vitamins to stimulate its growth. Lack of iron, protein, zinc, vitamin A, or biotin can make your hair brittle. We suggest you eat more eggs, fish, fruits, and fresh vegetables to trigger hair growth. Don’t forget to exercise to keep your body fit.