7 Important Parking Signs For Utmost Road Safety

Parking signs have always been extremely crucial for road safety and well-being of the people. With the increasing number and types of vehicles, and general lack of sensible drivers, these traffic signs play a pivotal role in maintaining traffic and proper parking without a clumsy cluster of vehicles. Let us walk through a few of the most common parking signs that we come across and what they mean:

  • Parking Signs

Parking signs for cars, motorcycles are the most common ones that get noticed. These signs are usually red but are sometimes seen in blue as well. In recent times they come in reflectors so that people can see them in the dark and from a distance. Sometimes the sign mentions whether it is a private parking zone or not, or is it specifically for cycles or motorcycles or both.  There are also signs available for business associations that need the registration number for parked vehicles.

  • No Parking Signs

The no parking signs come in colours of red and may or may not have reflectors. You get them as self-adhesive vinyl stickers for the wall or on aluminium plates. Other than red, you can see them in colours of blue and green as well. You will also get cycle parking signs that come with specific instructions on them.

  • Timed parking Signs

‘Parking only from 8.00AM to 6.00PM’- You must have come across symbols like these near malls, shops or corporate areas. These signs are also used to show parking availability at all times.

  • Specific parking and no parking Signs

Apart from the general parking and no parking symbols, you have those symbols that specify who can park and who cannot in a given area. Under this category, you have reserved parking, specific visitor’s parking, and director’s parking, parking for permit holders only, parking for the disabled and others. They come in adhesive vinyl or aluminium plates. As for the size, most sellers give you a particular size, and some might customise this for you as well.

  • Risk parking Signs

‘24 hours parking at your own risk’- You must have come across this quite a number of times. You can see these signs in both green and red and are available for purchase both in reflectors and non-reflectors.

  • Zones based Signs

Unloading zone, keep clear, deliveries, unleaded petrol, do not block the driveway, no parking beyond this sign are some of the standard zone based parking signs we come across. These vary from colours of red green and blue, the red being the most used one.

  • Customized Signs

Getting a customised sign done is becoming more and more common nowadays. Most of the signs come with small information beneath it for the benefit of the people.
Apart from these specific types, there has been an emergence of a number of new signs like the ‘drop and pick up’ point, ’reserved for patients’, etc. These self-explanatory parking signs have become very important and can be seen almost everywhere. Look out for these signs to be a responsible human being and to ensure safety for self and people around.