Reasons Why Marijuana Might be Good for You
Do you have any thoughts on cannabis? If you think it is a drug solely used by junkies and hippies to get high then you are wrong. This drug, which happens to have several nicknames, does have numerous advantages. Below are some of the benefits you probably did not know about marijuana.
Less Toxic Compared to Prescription Drugs
Majority of those who hate weed, do so because they believe it is not safe for the body. Nevertheless, some of these opinions are baseless and not proven by science to the contrary.
Using weed for a couple of hours could help you cure some of the problems in your body. However, most prescribed medications will only help manage the situations. Some of the regular medications you use have dire side effects even when used in the prescribed quantities.
Arouses Creativity
Different studies have established a strong correlation between taking marijuana and enhanced creativeness. Most smokers of weed accredit their spurs of inspiration and epiphanies to the herb. These assertions have been made objective through scientific research based on the impact weed has on the brain.
Fights Opiate Addiction
Marijuana is essential in helping other drug addicts to fight addiction. It does a great job in helping people overcome opiate addiction. A recent study that was carried out at Colombia University, showed that opiate addicts who smoked marijuana during the treatment were able to tolerate the entire program. According to the research, the opiate addicts exhibited reduced anxiety tendencies, and reduced cases of insomnia. The recovering heroin addicts who smoke weed were also less affected by the withdrawal symptoms. Thus, it made it easier to complete the entire recovery program.
Eliminates Cancer Cells
Studies have demonstrated that cancer cells can be destroyed by using marijuana. Researchers determined this after seeing a test conducted on rodents working. After ingesting marijuana, researchers observed that the cancer cells growing inside the rodents began to reduce. Most countries have not yet made marijuana legal even though it has some properties that can eliminate cancer cells. However, even as research on marijuana continues, there are some countries that have accepted the use of medical marijuana.
Reduces Anxiety Levels
Smoking cannabis can reduce anxiety due to the effect it has on hormones. There are different types of marijuana each with its purpose. Some make you excited while others can make you relax. If you do your research, you will realize that rarely do weed smokers feel nervous in a public setting or experience anxiety.
You might already be thinking you should try some weed after reading this. Nevertheless, you need to consider the law and regulations. You should now that heavy use can last a long time in the system. If you are to perform a drug test these are some things to have in mind.

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