5 Types of Beautiful Ceramic Floor Models for Bathroom and Safety

Although often in the corner of the house, the bathroom also deserves more attention from the homeowner. Apart from the visual aspect which of course must be beautiful, but also must support in terms of safety. Because the bathroom is a room where accidents often occur at home. For this reason, the selection of bathroom floor coatings should not be ignored.

There are so many types, shapes, sizes to the motifs of the bathroom floor coating. Beautiful bathroom thanks to the rich ceramic or Porcelain Tiles motifs and colors, it is good. However, it does not stop there. You also need to choose a floor coating with a rough texture so it is not easy to slip. Plus, you should get to know the types of bathroom ceramic models that are able to hold moisture in the bathroom and which should be easily cleaned.

Seeing the importance of bathroom floor coatings, here we describe 5 types and motifs of beautiful bathroom floor coatings that are safe for you to use in the bathroom.

Cement Bathroom Floor Coatings

Material from cement is very good for keeping the bathroom floor not slippery even though it is often exposed to water. Its rough texture is very safe if you have parents and children at home. From the visual side, the ceramics bathroom cement material is also very fitting for dwellings who want to carry the industrial style concept.

Wooden Bathroom Coatings

If the cement material feels too “rough”, you can switch to wood material. Wood material also has the same advantages as cement material in terms of safety in the bathroom. In addition, the presence of wood material in the bathroom can provide warmth in a cold bathroom.

Hexagonal Bathroom Floor Coatings

Hexagonal ceramics in the bathroom have a high density that makes the homeowner safe from slipping. You can use hexagonal bathroom tiles which are black in color. To make it look similar, you can put black mosaic tiles on the wall.

Chess Motif

Besides being able to provide security, bathroom coatings must also be able to give a beautiful and beautiful impression. The use of ceramic chess motif bathroom, for example. With the use of this type of ceramics, you get two benefits at once, free from accidents that often occur in the bathroom as well as the appearance of your bathroom more elegant.

Ceramic Bathroom Motifs

Bathroom ceramic models that have motifs usually have accent arises. This is the advantage of this type of coating because it can protect you from slipping in the bathroom. If you have a minimalist bathroom, you can use the motif to make your bathroom look lively.