5 great ideas for a small online shop

Are you building a website for your online store and wondering how to make it user-friendly and ensure you get a really good conversion? Here are some great tips that will definitely help you.

  • Choose one, dominant color of your store’s website

Gone are the days when web design services proposed to put the entire color palette on the page. This strategy does not work in the long run. It may and will draw the user’s attention, but after a while, it will get tired of the excess of elements and will work the other way round, i.e. it will completely distract attention. One-color will help to unify the visual identity of the website and the brand, it will also help to build a path that should follow the user’s eyesight.

  • Take care of the same arrangement of sections, product categories

Web design services advise that an online store should have a clear and uniform product category scheme. The point here is that each category should have the same layout of content and images. Thanks to this, the user will feel confident and will be able to freely browse subsequent subpages. He will also easily compare products, and certainly, the entire purchase process will be easier for him.

  • Enter consistent product photos

If a potential customer visits your store’s website, he or she will feel good among the well-chosen leading colors in your store. He will easily enter individual tabs and categories and give him all the comfort of viewing optimized, well-selected product photos. Web design services recommend that photos have appropriate parameters. First of all, they should be the same size, they should load quickly, they should not take up too much space on the page, they should be detailed, well lit and clear. It seems that there are a lot of these parameters, but they are the key to attracting your client for good and encouraging him to make the final purchase. Yes, we often buy with our eyes.

  • Decide on a uniform graphic design

It is widely known that the user’s interest is easiest to arouse by attracting his attention with an attractive visual form. Many web design services suggest how to do it effectively. Start by ensuring that the entire website of your store has a consistent graphic design. Uniform tags and symbols will prove to be very useful because they will efficiently guide the recipient’s eyes through the information contained in individual store tabs.

  • Take care of relevant content on the site

You should match valuable, substantive content to the appropriate quality of photos to encourage recipients to take advantage of your offer. Remember that the product descriptions should include the most important information regarding e.g. parameters, sizes and the entire characteristics associated with the described object. Web design services emphasize that you also can not overdo the amount of text you place. A single, compact block of text will not encourage anyone to read. Make sure that the text is divided into smaller parts, highlight key information in bold. Thanks to this, the customer will be able to code them after a quick sweep of the entire page.