5 Easy Steps, To Organize Your Job Search

You will be overwhelmed if you are too busy hunting to work and try tracking all the applications sent, interview schedules, and anything related to trying. It’s great if you can maintain a productive rhythm while looking for work, it’s also important to choose a systematic and organized. By finding a job at Parker Bridge, you will get a job very easily, Parker Bridge can help you find work from Business Analysts, Senior Accountants, to Finance Services Jobs in Thailand.

Contrary to public opinion, don’t make this like a game. Sometimes, we have to apply for every job and accept every offer that comes, those who have a long career.

By choosing the better one, it will be easier to find your work and give good during the application process.

Where to start? Here are 6 simple ways to organize your job search for the best results.

# 1 Determine your career goals

First, you have to determine your career goals. Do you want to gain experience working directly and strengthen confidence at this time? Or do you have certain ambitions that you want to achieve in the next few years?

Many people might say that you have to know what you want in the next 5-years, in fact, it often doesn’t go according to plan. So, it is necessary to have a plan but equally important to remain flexible to change direction if there is a strong reason.

It is said that one needs to determine short-term career goals to apply for the right job with the right company to achieve these goals.

# 2 Visualize your ideal company

As important as having a clear career goal, you must also have a clear view of the ideal company. What kind of work environment do you want? What kind of work culture that matches your personality and values? If you are not aware of it, here are 5 general steps to adjusting culture that affect your career development.

Working together with colleagues who have the same thought will inspire and motivate, different if the opposite. In this case, it is important to identify whether you prefer to work in a dynamic and social work environment or you are an introvert who prefers to work independently with minimal social interaction. The following are useful guidelines to help you choose the right company.

# 3 Use an approach that has a target

Just because you are a fresh graduate doesn’t mean you have to take the first job offer you received. You will be happier working for a suitable company, in an environment that inspires and motivates you to learn and develop.

Make a shortlist of companies that have the quality you are looking for, regardless of whether they have current job openings. This is to make your name known out there and build a professional network. The initiative by sending a job application might impress Human resource and save your resume in its file. Maybe they didn’t call right away, but soon. The point is you will never know before you try it. Must be active, don’t be passive.

# 4 Do due diligence on a shortlist of companies of your choice

As part of the checking process, you need to conduct a feasibility test on a shortlist of the companies of your choice. You should look for reviews of the company online, monitor chats about the company on social media, online forums, and chat groups. For those of you who are still unfamiliar with company reviews, here are 5 tips for Analyzing reviews and using them in job hunting.

# 5 Manage your job hunt in a smart way

Start with a simple checklist for each job application. Add action items like:

a) Research company culture through

b) Prepare a resume and job application letter that is tailored for each vacancy

c) Track the company name and contact details

d) Send a personal email containing a job application letter with a resume or portfolio link or attachment

It’s easy to set up a job search if you are know-how. It’s all about using the right approach, staying informed and utilizing technology.