3 Keys for a Smooth Attorney/Client Relationship

After being arrested and using a bail bonds Allentown PA company to get out of jail, your next step before the trial is to get a lawyer. It doesn’t matter whether you are innocent or guilty. Your best chance to get cleared of all charges is with the help of an attorney. Though a lawyer handles the legal angles of your case, what you say and do has an impact on how well he or she is able to the job. Here’s what you need to remember when dealing with an attorney.

Present an Organized Story

Don’t meet your lawyer with a haphazard collection of documents or random details about the situation. Prior to your first consultation, have everything you remember about the incident written out. This includes relevant places, times, and people involved. Collect your arrest paperwork, your bond information, and other relevant legal data. Be detailed in what you present, whether it is the weather that day, the specific words that you recall being spoken, or actions that were taken.

Always Tell the Truth

You will be able to maintain attorney-client privilege throughout the case, so don’t ever lie about information. Even if it is a detail or admission that makes you appear guilty, tell your lawyer the whole truth and nothing but the truth. If you make things up or leave things out, it could end up jeopardizing your whole case.

Ask A Lot of Questions

Don’t be afraid to find out what your lawyer is talking about. You can get confused by all the legal terms and motions, but this your future on the line. You have a right to know exactly what is going on. Don’t pretend you understand or look up a term on your own. Get clarification in the moment to fully understand your legal situation.

These three areas of responsibility can make it easier for both you and your attorney to move forward. Your actions have a significant impact on how well an attorney can represent you.