Accommodation in Bangkok Providing an Array of Standard Facilities

Bangkok is the capital of Thailand, many interesting places to visit. Enjoy Bangkok’s rich culture at the Aetas Sukhumvit Hotel. Bangkok is a political center, industrial activity in Thailand, and a major cultural and commercial center because of its position as a capital city. Amusement parks, shopping centers, and beautiful natural scenery all make Bangkok the perfect place to visit. Also, Accommodation in Bangkok provides fast and courteous services for discerning travelers who are looking for a free and contemporary experience. They provide a variety of facilities, exceptional service, and comfort for their guests. They offer a high standard of comfort in the choice of luxuriously appointed rooms which is a great example of elegance and comfort. Various facilities such as Club, Swimming Pool, Spa, Fitness Center, and Cyber ​​Stand are available at Aetas Hotel.

Aetas Hotel in Bangkok creatively combines a stunning location, luxurious surroundings with the best …

Decorating your bedroom – Easy tips

The bedroom is the place where you spend most of your time and it is that place where aesthetic and pleasure should be derived from. In this will article there are some easy tips where you can get the basic ideas to decorate your bedroom.

Keeping it simple

The simple and decent is the basic idea you should definitely keep in your mind while decorating your bedroom. The furniture or the art around should not be funky

Art work

You should have art work which represents your personality, around your bedroom. Art work can be represented on the walls or on the bedsheets.


You should choose a color which is simple and soothing. The color should be simple and well contrasted with the furniture. The color should also be pleasant and grasping. Very bright colors are not preferred, and too dull colors should m=be matched or contrasted …

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