Car Service Station Safety Tips

Car-servicingFor every servicing station or workshop, there are laid down rules and safety tips that guide daily operations. The same is applicable to a car servicing station to ensure that nobody is caught in any accident regarding the environment. There are so many attacks to be conscious of and to be guided to avoid affecting the workers at the station. Some of the few hazards are fire outbreak, car skidding and so many others which might be seen as accident at car servicing workshop. That is why workers must be very careful by obeying safety signs, abiding to the rules and regulations and abiding by all safety measures to avoid falling a victim of severe accidents and mere injuries.

Before we have some of the safety measures listed out, we want to through few advice to workers at servicing stations. One of the most accident occurrence is slip which is cause as a result of oily surfaces, water and any other form of petroleum that spill on the ground. People get injured as a result and because of that, special footwear is assign to resist against the floor. Workers spent much of their time rendering services by standing and by working around, having little or no time to relax. This is also a problem to the health a bad work shoes can cause back and foot pains.

That is why it is very important for companies to first and foremost pay attention to the staff to make sure all the safety rules will give maximum cover. The best and ideal safety work shoes for standing all day is one of the most important consideration to the safety of every car servicing company workers. Let us get into some of the key service station safety tips.

Service station safety tips for cars

  • All vehicles must be turn off before refueling
  • To avoid spill, make sure you do not overfill the tank
  • When fueling either a car of a portable container, it is important to give your total attention as you are transferring hazardous substance which can easily catch fire.
  • A fuel station is not a smoking point. Therefore avoid igniting or colliding any material near anyway around fuel stations.
  • As a service staff make sure you are well-kited before starting your daily assignment. Never forget that you are dealing with inflammable substance.
  • Do not fill a portable gallon or container right inside your vehicle truck. Have it brought down to the ground as static charges can cause fire outbreak. Also if at all there is a spill it will be on the ground not inside your truck as it is dangerous.
  • Entering and coming out of the vehicle during the fueling process is bad as it could cause spark in the process of sliding on the car or any nearby material.
  • For pump control staff, remember to have a good standing and support shoe as bad footwear might lead to discomfort which can lead to loss of consciousness or focus.

The essence of this tips is to look into safety at fuel and gas stations so that likely accidents occurrence can be handled with ease. And also it is important to be away of the common causes of accidents and how to avoid them. If you are running a servicing company, it is important to abide by this rules in other to avoid known and unknown accident at your car servicing company.